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We have a new addition to Hope Remains Ministry… Two days before Christmas Tucker arrived on the farm. Below is a story written by our dear friend Andrea Mason, sharing the faithfulness and tender mercies of God… 

It was early May and I decided on a whim to try and spend the day JUST with my dad. Since my husband and I lived about an hour away from my family at that time, it was a rarity to be able to make surprise visits whenever we could! My pops & I spent the morning at the local cafe, the Bluebird (his FAVORITE restaurant) and spent the afternoon going for a ride on his brand new motorcycle. During our ride, we decided to stop and visit my big brother Brent while he worked in the fields. I never would have thought that this visit would be my last visit with my dear brother.

While we visited and rode around in the tractor together, I was reminded that I had never met Brent’s new horse, Tucker. It wasn’t a coincidence that where Brent was working was right down the road from where Tucker was boarded. SO, of course, we borrowed my dad’s bike and rode down to the farm where Tucker was. Spending time with Tucker & Brent was such a beautiful moment that left a mark on my memory. Brent was SO proud of his horse who had brought such joy to his life. I think, too, that Brent knew that Tucker represented more than just a horse and ‘pet’ – Tucker represented freedom, strength, unconditional love, adventure and healing to his heart. We spent some time talking with the family that lived on the farm and then headed back to the field where he could get more work done. We hugged goodbye & I made sure Brent knew how much I LOVED Tucker and how proud of him I was.

Two months later, one morning in July, my families world was flipped upside down as we got the news that Brent had been in a fatal motor vehicle accident. With so many emotions going on, my parents were forced to make many decisions regarding Brent and his property, vehicles and such- including the decision of what to do with Tucker. That November, my parents decided that selling Tucker was the only thing we could do at that time. Hearing the news, I was absolutely devastated and felt, yet again another sense of loss. There was something about Tucker that was different – an intimate connection that Brent had that represented more than just a horse, but a way that HE also connected with Brent. My brother was touched by the Father’s love through Tucker. Where relationships with friends and family had been hurtful many times to him in the past, this relationship with Tucker represented acceptance & love.

This past July, the Lord opened the door to reconnect with Kirk & Kathy Spence by placing Kirk & I at the same gas station at the same time – small world? I don’t think so! Later that week Kathy & I were able to meet over coffee and were both so refreshed and thankful that God was so KIND and purposeful in placing us in each others lives yet again. During our time together, Kathy & I caught up on life – it had been six years since we had seen each other and there was much to discuss, including Brent. During this time I had shared with her my sadness of course over the death of my brother, but also the sadness over losing something so precious and symbolic to him – Tucker. Kathy & I wept before the Lord and spent some time in prayer, asking Him to allow and open the door for me to some day, some how purchase Tucker back. Kathy & Kirk graciously communicated that when the Lord would allow this to happen and when we would have an open door, that Tucker could be boarded on their property. What a blessing!

That afternoon back in July has since changed the course of my life in a sense. After spending the afternoon with Kathy, I was able to get in touch with Tuckers owners at the time and communicated to them that if they ever wanted to sell Tucker, to PLEASE consider selling him to my husband and I, first. Low and behold about five months later, three weeks before Christmas, I received a phone call  from Tucker’s previous owners letting us know that they would like to sell him back to us. I could not believe that this was ACTUALLY happening! This had been a dream that was now a reality. Throughout the next few weeks, everything went extremely smoothly and we were able to purchase him back without any issues or problems. Aaron, my husband and I have since donated Tucker to Hope Remains Ministries with the longing and belief that the Lord has a purpose to work in and through Tucker, to continue to set people free and show HIS unconditional love for people through this beautiful horse, and story of redemption.

This Christmas season has been such a representation of Christ’s love, care & provision for us. He has used Tucker to represent such a powerful aspect of how HE showed and revealed himself to Brent, in which I pray that He continues to do with anyone that encounters Tucker. There is absolutely no sense of loss this season, only a sense of hope, healing and expectancy of what HE has in store. Regardless of what happens, regardless of what the enemy tries to throw our way, the truth of the matter is that God is good, kind and faithful and that His plans and thoughts towards us lead us towards LIFE and life more abundantly.

There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man. – Sir Winston Churchill


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